Crochet Golf Club Covers – By Tim!

Tim is my SUPER talented boyfriend, who not only is the handyman around the house, but also an avid crocheter! In fact, he even taught me how to crochet. Although I’m always looking for new projects to try out, Tim is much more creative than I am…. and has a knack for thinking up crazy things, and most of all, finishing them! I’ve got a fair amount of unfinished projects (UFOs!) around the house, so Tim is always a huge motivation to get things done! His latest project was a set of crochet golf club covers, and his blog about it is below :) Enjoy!

x Tam

I’ve always been somewhat of a closet crocheter, something I did in the privacy of my own home for my own personal enjoyment. Whenever someone did find out that I crochet beanie’s, tea cosies, scarfs, etc. it was always met with a ‘wow’ and quickly following by a slight head tilt and look of careful consideration. It’s this ‘look’ that’s always stopped me from sharing my works with more than my immediate social group. But with Tam constantly urging me to make things for her it’s become far easier to do, and I need to spend less of my mental faculty in doing it. So in a way it’s become a way I relax, much like reading a book.

Golf is always something I’ve found quite social and enjoyable, except for one important factor; I’m desperately hopeless at it. Whenever playing a round of golf, there’s always one person in the group that is much worse at the game than the rest. Time after time I’ve found out, much to my own embarrassment, that this person is more often than not……me. But with the onset of 2012 I decided that even if I couldn’t be very good, playing regularly surely couldn’t hurt my form on the golf course. So now that I’m out playing regularly I thought it only fitting to ‘deck-out’ my set in some handmade covers (to disguise the cheapness of my clubs……or maybe it just enhances it… can decide for yourself).

The design I’ve gone with employs both crocheting and knitting. The club head cover is a spiral pattern of double crochet, while the collar is a ribbed (knit 2, pearl 2) knitted pattern.

It’s a good idea to have the club you intend on covering with you, as most ‘woods’ will be different shapes and sizes and a snug fit looks much better and hides any imperfections.

1.     For a large headed driver – start by chaining 11-13 stitches, now double crochet into the second chain from your hook. To make an oval shape that conforms to the club head you want to crochet around this the chain, i used 11 chains which meant that since i crochet back into the second form the hook it left me with a chain of 10 (a nice even number i think). you want to double crochet into each chain and when you get to the end you’ll double crochet 5 times into the last one (should be the chain which has the slip knot), now you’ll double crochet once into each of the chain down the other side, and once again you’ll double crochet 5 times into the last chain. You should now have a long oval of double crochet stiches. I like to work in a spiral pattern; i think it makes for a more even finish without that seam of stitches which seem to result when working in rows. So when you get back to the first double crochet you did, just double crochet into it like you would any other.

2.     This part will be a bit of trial and error; the aim is to the increase the size of your oval so that it is roughly the size of the drive head. You’ll do this by doing 2 double crochet into every second or third stitch (with 1 double crochet in the rest of the stitches) so that your ‘oval’ remains relatively flat while getting bigger.

3.     Once they are almost the same size, you want to start doing 1 double crochet into each double crochet so that instead of ‘growing’ outward the rows will curl and start to form a bowl/cup shape. Continue until the ‘cup’ is about the same size as your club head.

4.     Since i worked in a spiral, to finish it off after my last double crochet i do a single crochet and then a slip stitch so that the stitches ‘blend’ back into the previous row.

5.     The head cover is done, now for the collar.

For the collar:

Count the number of stitches in the last rows of the crocheted head cover, and cast on the same number of stitches to the knitting needle. Then assume a knitting pattern of knit 2, pearl 2 for each row, this will give you a ribbed pattern that will stretch over the golf head but have a nice fit around the club shaft. Continue the pattern until the collar is about the same length as the head cover (i personally like the proportions when the lengths are the same but you could do more or less depending on your taste) and then cast off the stitches, but don’t cut the string.

To reduce the number of loose ends and hopefully make it harder for you cover to unravel line the golf head cover with the ribbed section you’ve just made (as in the photo below) and single crochet the leading edge together with the wool you knitted with. Once you’ve done this turn the whole thing inside out and slipstitch or single crochet the ribbed section down its length so it forms a tube. Tie off the end and weave back into the stitching to hide it. Turn the whole thing inside out again and you’re done.

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  1. Elle

    OMG – LOVE IT! Tim so goo to see you finally coming out of the crocheting closet!

    I want these and I clearly don’t own a set of golf clubs! Can I ask what yarn you used?

    Tam – I like how you substituted NAG to motivation!


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