Mini Origami Envelope Card Tutorial

This is the card I made Timmy for Valentines Day, but you could make this card for anyone, all year round! The card has mini origami envelopes on the front, each with a personal message inside. I was banned (by Tim :P) to post all of the messages that were inside, but you get the idea!! I thought the envelopes were super cute in all the different prints :) Try it yourself!

Here’s how to do it yourself!

Mini Origami Envelope Card

What you need:

  • Mounting squares (for card making/scrap booking, about $2 from spotlight)
  • A pre made blank card (or a piece of thick enough card to fold in half to do it yourself)
  • Pretty paper to make the origami envelopes (scrapbooking paper is great!)
  • Pens to write a personalised message for the envelopes, and inside the card
Cut a square piece of paper and fold in half once diagonally.
Open the paper so it is lying wrong side up, and fold a corner to meet the crease that you’ve made on the diagonal (see below).

Fold upwards again and crease.

Fold the left hand side across, slightly past the centre and crease. Do the same with the right hand side.

Fold the right side back towards in line with the peak of the top piece and crease (see below!)

Open up the shape that you’ve just creased and flatten, so it now looks like a diamond (but is open at the top). Fold down the top flap and tuck it into the little “latch” and you are done!

Cut pieces of paper to fit your envelopes, write messages on them, and fill the envelopes. Use the mounting tabs to place the envelopes however you like on your blank card.

Any questions, just ask :)


Tam x

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